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Student testimonials

"As a music teacher, Laura creates a transformational impact.  She turns a naive music lover with zero knowledge about piano into someone playing a baby grand piano in just four years.  There are music teachers who excel in “discussing” music.  Laura teaches by “creating” music, without hesitating ever to play the piano herself to drive home an important point.


As a piano student who makes a living with something other than music, I frequently interact with so-called inspirational leaders without really getting inspired.  During the working days between any two weekend learning experiences with Laura, I come back home after each day’s work at my office, completely exhausted, but feel that enduring inspiration of Laura to touch the piano keys, even at the wee hours."


~Shirshendu, Piano Student

"Ms. Laura was my music teacher for almost 2 years.  I had vocal lessons accompanied with piano and I enjoyed every session!  Laura always took her time with me and provided/suggested great song choices to learn.  She is a lot of fun and sings beautifully! I also enjoyed participating in recitals.  Laura was always very supportive!"

~Kayla, Voice Student

"I am glad that Ms. Laura was my first piano teacher.  She is a very nice teacher and always encouraged me to improve.  She challenged me with new sets of lessons every class.  I loved the way she sings while playing piano so I started practicing it.  Ms. Laura is an excellent and dedicated teacher, and will make your piano leaning experience much easier."

~Jiashri, Piano Student

"I had Ms. Couch as a student teacher for my high school choir.  Her teaching of "All Too Soon" is a fond memory of mine.  She instilled a sense of joy and light in her teaching and it was a pleasure to have her in class."

~Shiloh, Choir Student

"I am currently a freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology and had the pleasure of working with Ms. Couch at my high school. She student-taught our mixed choir and performed new music with us. Ms. Couch is great when it comes to answering questions we may have, sharing her technical skills as well as musicality, and she believes in every student and their musical ability. Ms. Couch is an intelligent director, and our choir was able to learn the pieces she taught us quickly and efficiently. Ms. Couch made an impact on my high school's music program, as well as myself. She showed me how when people are passionate about creating music, what is made will stick with them forever. I wish Ms. Couch luck on her future career in teaching, and I know whoever gets to work with her will appreciate everything she'll do for them!"

~Kiera, Choir Student

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