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teaching philosophy

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It is my mission to create a safe and supportive environment for my students to learn musicianship, expression, technique and have fun while doing it.  I teach because music helped me cultivate not only my voice, but also my confidence, self-esteem and ability to connect with others around me.  In my studio, I also strive to build up my students’ self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.  I aim to create life-long music lovers that find solace through singing and music.  I want my students to feel that they are special, worthy and capable of creating beauty through art. 


Trust between teacher and student is paramount in my studio.  I want my students to be able to experiment and explore their authentic voices and musical expression.  Every voice is unique and I strive to help my students cultivate their own individual sound.  In my studio, I focus on helping my students find the sensation that works for their unique technique.  My goal is for my students be able to discover that sensation and rediscover it over and over again in the practice room.  Improvement is only possible through small consistent commitments over time which result in big change. 


Vocal and physical health is crucial to my teaching in the studio.  I believe that everyone should be able to cultivate a life-long relationship with music.  Also, technique is unique to the student.  Everyone has a different body, different learning modalities and different genre or style performance goals.  I cater my teaching to the student and their unique needs and goals.  In addition, technique develops over time.  It takes time to create muscle memory.  As in every physical activity, muscle coordination needs consistent effort and patience.  Additionally, coordination and technique will adjust as our bodies grow and adjust. 


In my studio, I seek to create a culture of encouragement, trust, and student-focused learning.  I will help my students find joy in their musical expression, nurture their unique sound and build their confidence to share their unique, beautiful voices with the world.

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